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The Kayaz Kollektiv is a new notion in recording labels. Truly independent, this is a collective of artists that have joined together to compose, collaborate, produce and distribute music through newly discovered digital channels. Artists are located across the nation and around the world. For example, we have recently been joined by DJ SJ (RoleModelsFromHell) from the Netherlands and Mikkel St. Rush from Denmark.
Traditional CD sales are the foundation of the distribution process, but we also release music for purchase on Soundclick.com, CDBaby.com, Snocap.com and will soon be on iTunes.
With over 37 years in the music business Tim Kenney (Kayaz) is the Executive Producer and Lead Composer, and oversees all production and marketing of artists. He takes immense satisfaction in mentoring up and coming “bleeding edge” talent.
The studio is completely digital and produces music with the collaborators using the internet to transfer files, allowing us to work all over the world in real-time.

"Music for Picture," better known as film soundtrack composition is a core offering of the Kollktiv. This studio writes for television, radio, film documentary and online offerings.

For more information, CLICK HERE and send us an email. We would love to hear from you!

Kayaz is the performance name of Tim Kenney. KayaZ - Tim Kenney has been composing and producing music soundtracks for film, web and multimedia since 1997 at his marketing firm (Tim Kenney Marketing ) with the help of DJs John Bowen and Jamie Stockie, who generously taught him the foundations of digital composition. With this early success he began composing his own down-tempo club electronica under the name KayaZ. This music was so successful he began supplying music to DJs around the world and fomed the KayaZ Kollektiv.
Formerly a player/singer/composer/producer in the bad old days of rock’n’roll, Tim was a back-up drummer for bands such as James Taylor, TNT and Special Flavors. He then launched his own career as a singer with the very successful group "Machu Pichu." Later, after lots of session work with groups like "Four Out of Five Doctors," he cut an album called simply "Match" on Nemporer Records. Later as a producer/concert promoter he built shows for artists like Jackson Brown and Rod Stewart.

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The Kayaz Kollektiv Star, Arainia recently moved to DC from Denver, Colorado to pursue her musical career with the Kayaz Kollektiv. She has become an integral writing partner to the lead composer on the label, Tim Kenney. Famous composer duos come to mind, like Lerner and Lowe; and Gilbert and Sullivan.
Her previous musical life was dedicated to Hip Hop, but in her partnership with the Kollektiv, she has been able to develop her skills as a Trance/Dance vocalist/composer/producer.
In her words: “I am a Punk at heart...the rebel in me will never die! I do things I'm not "supposed" to do, was trained to act like a lady but know much more than a lady should. I ask too many questions, don't tell enough lies and follow wherever my gut takes me. Life is a big amusement ride and I scalped my tickets off of the clown outside, ensuring a sideline view without getting stuck in the quagmire of illusions."

Check out Arainia here:

I am a tomboy femme; a brazen, brainy slut. I've been known to ponder the nature of the universe in the taste of my garden soil. I am a salt-of-the-earth, hands-on woman with a confident swagger and "old soul" eyes. I like to put things together that make no logical sense until you hear them or see them. I have calluses on my fingers and rings on my toes. If nothing else, I'm an exercise in balancing contradictions. My music is no exception.

I don't know what kind of music I'm making. All I know is music is my Master; it is a sublime joy. It seems to be going somewhere whether I like it or not. We'll see what happens.

Check out Dawn Gifford here:
A true child prodigy, Kathleen Kenney has been composing music since she was 8.
A trained vocalist, she is learning guitar.

Her secret identity as a college student ensures that she is keeping her finger on the "pulse of culture."

Stay tuned for her debut as a vocal soloist.

Check out Kathleen Kenney here:

Robyn is the "poster child for living in the now." and we love how spontaneous she is. She has a great love of music and will sing anything at any time! I have been contributing my vocals to Kayaz Music and every once in awhile.

In her words: "I really love all kinds of music..it just depends on my mood. I have a blues/jazzy side but I like r&b, rap and electronic every once in awhile. I like anything I can sing to at the top of my lungs while driving my car!"

Check out Robyn Bishop here:
Sjors Aka RoleModelsFromHell, started 3 years ago in the music business (Active). He played in bands like, DarkModels, ProJect, Power & Electric Boogie and more.

He made 4 records: Speak Up! With his number 1 hit ‘’Speak up!’’, Strong Peach, Emotion (With Guest Keane, Arainia, T.U.P), Coming From Mars? (With Guest: Era and Dream Dance Alliance, J-Known). Right now he is working on his fifth dance/techno album named : ‘’NAKED TRUTH’’ with guest like; Paul Oakenfold, Eric Powell, Jake, Kyd, Arainia, T.U.P and DJ Quicksilver.

SJ is also playing in the group Toxic Clowns, they released one album ’’Resurrection’’. In 2008 we can expect a new album, of the group. Also SJ got a label with T.U.P ‘’MyMusic Company’’ they are making a record for Close Tears.

SJ made a lot of remixes and songs. Also SJ is working on a album named ‘’Perfect Situation’’ So STAY TUNED!! NAKED TRUTH 2008!!

For more information on DJ SJ (RoleModelsFromHell) please visit: www.myspace.com/djsjcom
A poet and an artist since she was a child, Helyn has used words to communicate beauty and aesthetics, taking her readers to uncharted universes and imaginative realms. As a young adult, her work garnered the attention of American author, editor and publisher, Ralph Ginzburg, encouraging her to continue this creative path.

Helyn has since published a collection of poems entitled Gilded Shadows. She has also written several screenplays and is currently working on writing and directing a series of short films.

A musician for many years, Helyn has also enjoyed writing lyrics, composing and performing.

Visit Helyn Dunn's MySpace page at:

Rodrigo is an audio Engineer, who graduated in Caracas Venezuela

His true loves in music are the Beatles and older rock stuff or electronic based music. He produces sleazy lounge and lil music. He likes to dance too but, has been told that he hastoo much fun doing it should not do it in public ever again.

In his own words: "I don't know what kind of music I'm making. All I know is music is my Master; it is a sublime joy. It seems to be going somewhere whether I like it or not. We'll see what happens."

Please visit Rodrigo Perez's Soundcloud page at:
In his own words: "The only thing i can say is that i just love making music... I like so much different stuff and am inspired by so many people, i cant even begin to fully explain what this shit is...however, i will say that i play the drums, i write songs, i crappily play the guitar, i make beats, and sometimes some various friends record songs with me...im pretty much a solo kind of guy though."

Upon moving to the DC area, Neekola gained Resident DJ status in clubs such as K Street Lounge, Kasbah of Baltmore, and now DC's newest megaclub Ibiza. She has made guest appearances all over DC such as Fur Nightclub, Japone Cafe, LeftBank, The Ritz Carlton, Mezza Luna, Zanzibar, Jordan 8, Science Club, Club Five, and has been requested for various local private events as well. In MD she has made guest appearances in Mosaic and Kasbah. In VA she has played in Bridges, Zaaza, Element Lounge and Level II.

Neekola's main inspiration within the beats of music is to help inspire people through sounds and melodies, and wants to make a difference in the world of Electronic Dance Music. She has future events planned to help non profit organizations that have the same focus as she - to promote dance music in a healthy, drug-free way, hopefully changing peoples lives for the better. She is continuing to pursue production, so look out for some of her songs that will be coming out in the near future!!

Check out DJ Neekola here: http://www.myspace.com/neekoladj

Founded in the fall of 2005 by Ricardo "El Niņo" Reinoso, a long time purveyor of dance music in Washington DC, NUVO MUSIC is the launch pad for fresh talent. It is the home from which emerging artists and deejays are exploding onto the scene with uninhibiting sounds that captivate ears both near and far.

United under this vision, NUVO Music is here to breathe new life into this world we call electronica. So, we welcome you to join us in being musically reborn, as NUVO Music keeps the world dancing into the future.

Check out Nuvo Music here: http://www.myspace.com/nuvo
Mixing music regardless of medium requires a certain amount of skill: the result is either a concerted effort or an effortless seam. Larson Shepherd, a.k.a. LRCN to his fans, certainly retains the latter. Since his debut in December 2001 on the 2nd Birthday Bash of the world's largest online radio station Digitally Imported Radio LRCN has been building a dedicated following. With a style not confined to genre, his talent is evident in his infectious sets: whether spinning breaks, trance, or - the core following favorite - progressive, the crowd response is always the same, fanatic.

Originally from Ganado, Arizona, a small town in the middle of the Navajo Reservation, his exposure to Los Angeles dance and club culture only served to fuel his fervor. So not surprisingly, after countless hours of dedicated practice, LRCN lived up to expectations with a fantastic performance on Digitally Imported Radio's 2nd Birthday Bash. With a passion for music so evident in his delivery, LRCN is sure to become a familiar name.

He has since been playing locally, with a few out of state gigs, and even has an international gig under his belt. Since his introduction into the dance community he has played with the likes of deejays John Kelley, Jesse Brooks, Cor Fijneman, Antonio Arebalo, Kazell, Mark Tabberner, Thee-O, Jethro, Ray Mack, SIM_01, Johan Nillson a.k.a. Irish, Ciacomix, Mike Hunter, Andrew Muchmore, Eve Falcon, Jason Blum, Garrett S, Austin Scott, Kris B, Pat Schoolastra, Tony Gamboa, Verdugo Brothers, GT, Project C, Junior Chavez, Kent Christian, Tigo, Labelwhore, D-Frag, Adam Carver, Jonathan Morning, Brian Bartel, & Iss.

Currently LRCN has two active internet radio shows on two different internet radio stations. The first is called 'Four4' and it airs on AfterhoursDJs.org every Saturday from 12:00 PM PST to 4:00 PM PST. LRCN is considered one of the original founders of this community, which began as an off-shoot of the Digitally Imported Radio community. The second show is called 'The Bidness' and it airs on DI.FM every 2nd Tuesday of the month from 11:00 AM PST to 2 PM PST. LRCN used to host another show on AfterhoursDJs.org called '4x4 101' but decided to end it at show #100.

LRCN is also a Co-Director of Digitally Imported Radio's Progressive Channel. As a Co-Director his duties include acquiring new content for the channel, scheduling shows in the calendar, reviewing submissions, & moderating the forum.

Please visit http://www.djlrcn.com for more information about LRCN.

DJ Sjodalf
Dj Sjodalf a.k.a. Morty Lines is a well known DJ in the LA area. He can be heard frequently at area clubs like Spundae and Circus or heard on DIFM Internet Radio.

Please visit: http://www.myspace.com/mortylines
for more informationi about DJ Sjodalf.
Mark Siet
Mark's purpose through his music is to heal the earth one song at a time, using the vibrations of music and the love he feels while playing the music to send out healing energy to the earth.

He's been a musician all of his life except before the age of ten when he thought he was a baseball player, a pilot, a high flying trapeze artist, a sword fighter, an adventurer, an army man; in short all of those things kids dream of after going to the Saturday afternoon matinees. None of those stuck, but playing the guitar sure did. He's always had a passion for the guitar and for singing. He played professionally during the Seventies and early eighties between NYC and Philadelphia. All during this time he wrote songs but never performed them live. It wasn't until 1995 he spent the next seven years playing coffee houses as the band JJ Slim on the left coast between LA and San Diego with his wife JJ (harmonica). Every song he played was an original tune. During that incredible time they produced a CD ONE SHINING STAR

Finally he could play his music and see that it held up just as well as cover tunes. As a songwriter he is relentless. The music flows easily and freely expressing what he feels about most in the moment. Currently he is writing both instrumentals and vocals in his music because as he says, he is able to express the intangible that moves him and makes him who he is. In his own words, "Music is nothing without sharing, which is why I love to perform and to have people listen to my music."

Visit Mark's MySpace at: http://www.myspace.com/marksiet
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